Thursday, October 15, 2009

Perfect Memory

A friend send me this amazing story about a woman that doesn't forget anything that has happened to her in the past 30 years. I wonder what "enhancements" to the human body will be available to us in 30-40 years. I've read some sci-fi stories in which we all have neural implants connected to a huge "Google" that enables us to retrieve any information stored on the internet. I wonder if that will require my exams to be more difficult...

Here is the introduction of the article:
 Wouldn't it be great to be able to remember everything? To see all our most important moments, all the priceless encounters, adventures and triumphs? What if memory never faded, but instead could be retrieved at any time, as reliably as films in a video store?
 "No one can imagine what it's really like," says Jill Price, 42, "not even the scientists who are studying me."
The Californian, who has an almost perfect memory, is trying to describe how it feels. She starts with a small demonstration of her ability. "When were you born?" she asks.
She hears the date and says: "Oh, that was a Wednesday. There was a cold snap in Los Angeles two days later, and my mother and I made soup."

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