Friday, April 3, 2015

Me and Dior and I

Today I went to the movies with myself to watch the Dior and I movie, which I highly recommend everyone to see. I usually enjoy these documentaries regardless of whether it's the editing that convey all of the magic.

Nonetheless, I particularly liked it for two reasons:

i) It's always amazing to see geniuses working and the ups and downs of creative processes. You can almost see the sparkle in Ralf Simons' eyes when he has a good idea and the feeling of elation once he sees his creations finally being shown to the world.

ii) At the same time, you can clearly see the pressure he goes through to deliver on his first collection and the tight deadline he's working on.

All this made me think about the process of writing an academic paper. While no movie director could ever make the process of a research paper even remotely interesting, the sudden realization of a good idea or a good outcome of your statistical tests are amazing. The small pleasures that makes this profession rewarding. The feeling that you are probably the first person in the world to see those results is great.

Anyway, watch the documentary. It's really good.