Friday, September 10, 2010

MBA Rankings

I love rankings and this post here, by the guy who created the Busines Week one, analyzes the big MBA rankings out there. IESE makes #1 in the Economist ranking, but this seems to be the worst ranked of all.

To be honest, I think IESE has one of the best but not the best MBAs in the world. We have some top-notch departments and a few characteristics that makes us unique in the world.

That said, I believe that the writer has the usual U.S. bias in his analysis, downplaying European schools a bit.

My two cents on this is that the top 3 things are:
  1. Salary 2-3 years after graduation (PPP-adjusted)
  2. Student diversity (US schools could do better here, IMHO)
  3. Faculty commitment (tough to measure but it makes a world of a difference to students)
Any opinions?

1 comment:

  1. Your hit the point, with ranking it is the same as with analyst reports - don't believe one - read more than 5 about a company and you get a more distinct view. Same with rankings for MBA schools.

    As an additional criteria I would add the point of elective courses, this can make a difference if you go for a particular job and you look for more insides.