Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So Long Holiday Feeling!

Wow, it doesn't even feel like I just came back from a very pleasant holiday break in Brazil! This is a gone be a busy couple of weeks!

This Friday there is a deadline (the 2010 FMA meeting in NYC in October), I'm finishing a revision to re-submit a paper to the RFS (fingers crossed for me!) and "own" things to three different sets of co-authors. in very orthogonal projects. Luckily - or not - one of them works right next door to me. so I can always negotiate a small extension...

I guess the alternatives to have to work a lot are much worse. Finding interesting and useful ideas were the most difficult aspect of the PhD (and always a challenge). Hope my (poor) time management skills kick in and everything gets done fast.

Anyway, dinnertime and then back to work!

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