Saturday, July 11, 2009

Everything that has a beginning...

Today I was reading the FT's Book Review section and remembered that this month we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Moon Landing, one of the few true world-stopping events of all time.

At one point during his visit to the Moon, Neil Armstrong realized that he could extend his fist and, using only his thumb, blot out the earth. Asked later if this made him feel like a giant, he said, "No, it made me feel really, really small".

Space exploration has always deeply fascinated me. The infiniteness of the Universe, the fact that ours is just a small planet in the corner of a very ordinary galaxy, the tiny chance that there is a multitude of planets full of people, well, so many mind-boggling things spring to mind whenever I think about it.

People need challenges, long-term goals, dreams! Exploring is, and will always be, a part of us. Be it sending people 20,000 light-years away on a flying casket, researching a new medicine or, in my case, finding out more about financial markets, these are just different ways of searching for the truth.

In my first post I say to all those exploring our world through whatever endeavours you chose: "Cheers!"

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  1. A small blog for a man, a giant leap for mankind....

    Aí brother, sucesso na nova empreitada! Vou acompanhar os novos posts!

    Abração de DC,